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4 Mar
Partner Hosted Event

Capital and Connections

Join A4CB Manager of Business Connections Katie Smith and Community Lender Briana Tellis for a free webinar to learn about the capital and connections available through ChiBizHub and Allies for Community Business. ChiBizHub helps entrepreneurs find what they need to start and grow a business. Allies for Community Business offers term loans and lines of credit between $500 and $100,000 to early, emerging, and established businesses in Illinois and Indiana.

26 Mar
A4CB Hosted Event

Credit Improvement Strategies for South Bend Business Owners

A4CB’s Coaching Credit Loan is available to early-stage business owners in South Bend who complete the initial 11 A4CB coaching activities. The A4CB Business Coaching Program includes a total of 36 coaching activities used to help entrepreneurs launch, stabilize, and grow their businesses. Members of the coaching team use the 36 activities to assess what a business has already completed and to advise a business owner on the next activity to pursue. After you complete this work, and if you are current on your open trade lines and you have not applied for a loan from us within the past three months, you are eligible to apply for a loan of up to $2,500 to help you build your business and your credit profile. Thanks to a generous grant from CDFI Friendly South Bend, there are no interest or closing costs for the first 10 small businesses that complete the program. Learn more on our upcoming webinar.

23 Apr
A4CB Hosted Event

Small Business Bookkeeping Basics

What is small business bookkeeping and why is it important to keep records for your business? Join A4CB Business Coach Sabina Loving on our next free coaching webinar to learn about types of records small business owners are required to keep, how long to keep your records, and how to format your records.


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