Chicago Inclusive Growth Coalition

The Chicago Inclusive Growth Coalition is a collaboration of more than 50 business support organizations working together to help entrepreneurs grow.

Who we are

Our vision is that diverse entrepreneurs throughout Chicagoland will create more wealth and jobs with the help of trusted business support organizations that work together.

Our mission is to work together to 1) match diverse entrepreneurs to the community-based organizations that can serve them best and 2) serve those entrepreneurs well.

Our Guiding Principles


We will help diverse entrepreneurs build resilient businesses that create wealth and jobs for themselves, their families, and their communities


We will simplify access to our services through technology and networking


We will improve the services we deliver to diverse entrepreneurs by working together

Our 2023 Goals

Working together, the Chicago Inclusive Growth Coalition members aspire to complete the following activities:

  • Design and implement a simple method to identify and communicate opportunities for members to work together on a common goal by the end of the first quarter
  • Capture from coalition members accurate activity numbers from 2022 as a baseline to inform 2023 outcomes goals by the end of the first quarter
  • Initiate or improve upon at least one jointly provided service each quarter, funded primarily through a more formal relationship with the Fund for Equitable Business Growth
  • Create at least one in-person networking opportunity for coalition members per quarter
  • Write and promote at least three client stories or case studies of businesses multiple organizations served per quarter
  • Promote at least ten learning opportunities for diverse entrepreneurs each quarter
  • Create a shared method of capturing data (summarized and disaggregated) on who we serve, what services we provided, and what outcomes those entrepreneurs generate including wealth, jobs, wages, and tax income by the end of the year

Our Membership

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