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Indianapolis, Indiana
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Nicole Garrott’s nutrition journey was sparked by her own health challenges. After years of gastric issues, Nicole discovered she had Celiac disease, a condition that causes severe reactions to gluten. Through personal research, she found that modifying her diet could improve her quality of life. Motivated by this discovery, Nicole became a Certified Holistic Nutritionist to help others improve their relationship with food.

Through her business, Don’t Stop Living Wellness, Nicole offers 1-on-1 nutrition coaching conducted in person and remotely, nutrition supplements, and a partnership with Juice Plus to offer in-home gardening. Drawing from her own health journey and the loss of her father due to weight loss surgery complications, Nicole’s services are tailored to, but not limited to, assisting individuals navigating gut health, weight loss, high blood pressure, and autoimmune diseases.

“Many people are told they need to follow a certain diet, but they have no guidance or support to make the changes to improve their health,” Nicole said. “I started my business to help them make the changes and support them during that time.”

Nicole was referred to Allies for Community Business by BMO. A4CB works closely with bank partners to help entrepreneurs that banks are not able to serve. “I worked with [BMO Branch Manager] Earl Wilson. He informed me of the great opportunities A4CB had for small business owners,” Nicole said. “He was very passionate about the [organization] and the services, so I knew I had to call.” Nicole received an A4CB small business loan and used the funds for marketing materials.

Don’t Stop Living Wellness is based in Indianapolis but serves clients in multiple states. “I love being a part of the Indianapolis small business [community],” Nicole said. “I connect and network with people in the city I grew up in.” Looking forward, she plans to transition into running her business full time so she can be more involved in the community. Nicole also hopes to focus on childhood nutrition to start better eating habits at a young age and to write a book about her journey with food.