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Alexus Haynie started formulating hair products in her kitchen in 2020 during the height of the pandemic. This time spent in quarantine allowed her to combine her lifelong passion for hair with the knowledge she gained obtaining her Bachelor of Neuroscience and Master of Medical Science.

Her sister encouraged her to take her hobby to the next level and Alexus decided to obtain her Cosmetic Formulator Certification and establish her business, Made Gentle.

Founded in April 2021, Made Gentle offers cruelty-free, vegan, and lightweight hair products for all hair types.

“Our business is unique as a black and women-owned company, dedicated to creating haircare products for all hair types,” Alexus said. “We firmly believe that quality hair care should transcend racial boundaries. Made Gentle’s goal is to revolutionize wide spectrum haircare, breaking away from segmented groups and catering to diverse needs.”

Alexus uses her science background to create products specifically designed for groups with sensitive scalps, including individuals facing alopecia, lupus, cancer, postpartum, and hormonal hair loss challenges.

As Alexus continues growing her business, securing capital remains her biggest challenge. “The main obstacle lies in securing sufficient funds to operate and expand our business,” Alexus said.

Alexus received much needed capital via an A4CB small business loan. She used the funds to market and advertise her products and services. Alexus also used the capital to help launch Made Gentle’s Amazon Seller Store.

As Made Gentle continues to grow, Alexus plans to make her products available in retail stores and connect with other small business owners. Over the next six months, she will be introducing two new products, followed by a complete product line within the next year.