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Bucktown, Chicago, Illinois
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Raoul Adwan brewed up his idea for a coffee business in 2020, a time when many other coffee shops were forced to close their doors. After years of experience as a barista and working in coffee sales, Raoul had taken a step away from the coffee world in 2019 to teach at his former high school. But the coffee bug bit again and in the lockdown of 2020, Raoul decided to carve his niche in the industry with Thrd Coffee Company.

“When we were at home cooped up, that was when I started to build out the business and figure out a way to get back into the coffee world,” said Raoul. “And it was at a time when coffee shops were closed down, so I was trying to think outside the box.”

Raoul launched Thrd Coffee Company as a pop-up mobile coffee bar in the summer of 2020. He partnered with local brick-and-mortar businesses to serve coffee on patios, on rooftops, at outdoor events, and more. As Thrd Coffee Company gained recognition in the community and as offices began to reopen, the business started pop-ups in office spaces and at corporate events. In the summer of 2023, Raoul opened a brick-and-mortar in Chicago’s Bucktown neighborhood.

“Now we have this ecosystem. We have the shop that operates every day, and we still do events and coffee bar service for offices,” said Raoul. “[We are] trying to think outside the box to offer services outside of the shop.”

In 2023, Raoul received a small business loan from Allies for Community Business. He used the funds toward building out the shop and utility costs. “Allies [for Community Business] really helped us kick start everything,” said Raoul. “It was the first and only loan service that we’ve ever used. Knowing where we’re at now, we’re very thankful for it.”

Today Raoul employs a team of ten to manage the shop and the mobile coffee bar. Looking forward, Raoul hopes to continue growing his business, and he wants to help other coffee businesses get off the ground by sharing resources and equipment within the coffee community.