Tidy Up Experts

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Janitorial Services
Garfield Park, Chicago, IL
Services utilized:
Grants, Group Coaching, Loans

In 2017, James and Jasney Diggs started their cleaning company, Tidy Up Experts, to fulfill their desire to contribute to the revitalization of their neighborhood, West Garfield Park. Tidy Up Experts provides commercial and residential cleaning services in the Chicago area.

“As residents and active community members, we established our business within this community because we see this neighborhood’s potential to thrive and our company contributing to long-lasting change,” James said.

In 2022, James and Jasney received an A4CB small business loan, which allowed them to cover more territory throughout the Chicagoland region. James and Jasney’s loan also allowed them to obtain professional certifications, acquire additional equipment, and pay their employees.

In 2021-2022, the couple participated in A4CB’s Neighborhood Entrepreneurship Lab, an accelerator program that pairs community business owners with advisors who provide intensive support to help execute a growth initiative. “Our participation in the Neighborhood Entrepreneurship Lab allowed our business to make lasting connections [and] offered our company tools for growth,” Jasney said.

After graduating from the Neighborhood Entrepreneurship Lab, James and Jasney participated in A4CB’s Sales Support Program to further grow their business. Through this program, James and Jasney developed a 12-month sales strategy, created marketing materials, and built relationships with potential buyers. As a result, they secured a contract with Ascension Health Care, a West Side United partner.

Tidy Up Experts recently received a grant through the West Side United Small Business Grant program that A4CB administers. The couple plans to use the funds for advertising their commercial cleaning services to build a broader presence in the commercial cleaning industry.

Currently, Tidy Up Experts employs a ten-person team made up of residents from West Garfield Park. “Our team is our foundation,” James said. “We hire residents from our community and continue to train them with transferable employment skills. We’re reducing the impact of unemployment for residents with little to no employment history and providing opportunities for residents with minor, non-violent offenses.”

James and Jasney plan to continue increasing the number of contracts they service and expanding their staff over the coming months.