Volunteer Business Strategist

Are you a banker, consultant, or business expert willing to donate your time to help community businesses grow? Complete our volunteer form to express interest in joining our network of volunteer Business Strategists.

Allies for Community Business believes that business owners know their businesses best, but often have questions about a specific challenge or opportunity. It is at that moment when a business owner will benefit from having access to skilled and thoughtful professionals willing to help the business owner achieve their goal.

Our dedicated business coaching team starts by listening carefully to what a business owner is attempting to achieve. From there we assess the preparedness of the business based on our defined coaching methodology and suggest specific activities that are in line with the business owner’s goals.

Like our coaching staff, volunteer Business Strategists listens carefully to what the paired community business owner is attempting to achieve, asks thoughtful and clarifying questions that will help shape the entrepreneur’s plans, and provides ongoing strategy and execution assistance to entrepreneurs that request longer-term support.

A4CB continuously expands our network of volunteer Business Strategists, which allows us to support more business owners who are seeking help. Interested volunteers indicate how much time that can commit, and in what form, by completing the brief survey below. A4CB will evaluate potential volunteers and then efficiently match Business Strategists to entrepreneurs that would value their assistance.

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